Grundy County Material


Pre-1900 History of Grundy County

1864 Confederate Raids on Tracy City Garrison

  • "New Light on Skirmish Here" by Jim Nicholson (1977)

1874 Government Report on Grundy County

 1881 Monteagle Springs Hotel & Region (Book)

1884-1888 Mail Contracts

Grundy County Postmasters 1842 - 1971 (Large File - Dropbox)

"Compendium of Local Biography"

 "Tracy City 1893 - 1910" (Booklet by T. B. Woodward)  (Also see Census & Vital Records) 

 Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Tracy City - 1880s - 90s (Large File - Dropbox)

 "Reminiscences of Railroading" by W. W. Knight 1922

 "The Fairmount Book" ca 1902(Fairmont College, Monteagle Tennessee)

1935 Educational Survey of Grundy County Schools by Vera C. McCampbell (Large File - Dropbox)

1988 History of Grundy County Schools by Janelle Layne Coats (Large File - Dropbox)

History of The University of the South

History of Methodist Assembly at Beersheba Springs

Shook High School Graduates 1892 - 1924

FBI Files - Highlander Folk School (Large File - Drop Box)       


  • Background for Highlander Folk School

Burns Detective Agency Report - 1922 - Labor Unrest at Tennessee Consolidated Coal Company

Grundy County Post Offices

Caves of Grundy County

"The Blue Hole at the Headwaters of the Elk River" from Renaissance Musings Blog

USGS Grundy County Names & Places

 "Elkhead Stone Arch Bridge" from Renaissance Musings Blog

Masonic Records for Felix Grundy Lodge - Pelham (1864 - 1900)  

History of Community Education & Improvement Clubs

Tennessee Century Farms - Grundy County

Grundy County by James L. Nicholson (First published in 1982) (Large File - Dropbox)

A Tribute to Grundy County - Vietnam Veterans Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice

Movie - Highlander Folk School

"Palmer, TN Coal Mine Explosion, December 1981"

 "Cumberland Voices" by Land Trust for Tennessee

"Pelham Valley Places"

Compendium of Monteagle Tennessee's Pioneer Families

Compiled by Jackie Layne Partin

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Stories Based In Grundy County


Children of the Cumberland (Large File - Dropbox)

In the Strange People's Country (Large File - Dropbox)

John Gamp - Coves and Cliffs of the Cumberland (Large File - Dropbox)