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Compendium of Monteagle Tennessee's Pioneer Families: Compiled by Jackie Layne Partin

Compendium of Monteagle, Tennessee Pioneer Families Volume 1, Volume 2, & Volume 3

Writings, Articles, and Other Stories

The Real McCoys of Summerfield, Tennessee - Posted 4/2/19

Schaerer, Godfrey Henry - Posted 3/24/19

The Oaks Hotel - Posted 3/10/19

Leslie Kennedy Story - Posted 3/10/19

Does Anyone Care That Emma Lee Johnson Russell Died Today? - Posted 3/10/19 

Thomas Cemetery in Monteagle, TN - 10/11/18

The Mad Stone - 10/11/18

Tracy City's Roman Catholic Church - 8/16/18

Goat Ranch on Pigeon Springs Road - 7/1/18

The Roddy Desperadoes - 5/18

The Murder of Johannes Ulrich “J. U.” Baur - 5/18

The Story of Grundy County High School - 01/2017

Gibbs' Bend - 12/2016

Nearn Family - 11/2016

Huckleberries, Stone House and Ashes - Julia Tevis McGeHee - 10/2016

Elk River's Busy Bend - The Bell's Mill Story - 10/2016

"The Stockade in Tracy City" - 2/2016

"Greg Cemetery" - 2/2016

"Fishing for Hornets" - 2/2016

"Big Brother, Little Brother" - 2/2016

"A Nickel for a Dead Rat" - 2/2016

"Burkett Chapel Graveyard and More" 

"The Methodist Churches and Teressa Chapel in Tracy City, TN" 

"White Mineral Springs & Hotel" 

"Pop Goes the Weasel" 

"Get 'em Boys!  Get 'em!"    

"Memoirs of Ruby Partin Long" - An engaging glimpse into life in Pelham Valley

"Four Little Patton Girls from Alabama" 

"Traveling Around Monteagle by Telephone" 

"The Mabee House of Monteagle" 

"Gladys Mae Cox Story" 

"I Just Cried and Cried" 

"Hense Layne's Pig Just Dropped Dead" 

Interview with Ruth Winton Northcutt

"The Eighty-Five Dollar Surprise" 

"My Heart Sank Into That Deep, Dark, Lonely Sea" - Mary Elizabeth (Abplanalp) Anderegg - Her Story

"In 1935 I Saw the Match When It Was Struck" - The Jim Bell Story

"I Could Hear the Timbers Cracking" - Joe Lester Meeks

"The Saga of Billy French Thomas" 

"Has It Been Fifty Years?"   

"Cal Dean Hargis Story" 

Remembering Monteagle with Johnnie Louise Meeks Gilliam

"My Little Feathered Friends" 

"He Disappeared Into the Swamp"

"Bring My Grandchildren to Me"   Mary Lydia (Gregory) Sweeton

"Our Ancestors' Monuments" - "Children of John Houston Perry, Sr. &  Malinda "Linnie" Dykes Perry"

"Oh, William! Where Have You Brought Me?"   (Reid Family)

"The Solomon Wildman Adams Family"

"Make'em Dance" 

"Where's the Beef"  - Just Another Tall Fish Story

"Daniel's Boon"   A Humorous Dog Story

"Ms. Foster Whipped Every Boy in the School" 

"Nestled in An Old Tree Stump" 

"Dad, Why Did You Ever Leave Here?"     (Tarlton Valley) 

"Can These Bones Live?"       (Knights & Savage Gulf) 

"The Life and Death of Alex Benson King of Monteagle" 

"Father Carried a Gun Under His Coat" - Norma Mae (Sitz) Stocker's Story (With the History of the Sterling Savage Property ca 1830)

"Jesus Lives at the Foot of the Hill" 

"Clouse Hill - My Happy Playground" 

“Clouse Hill, Grundy County, TN”

"Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Tracy City" 

An Interview with Clara Bone Landon

"Ghosts of History Tour" (Coffee County Historical Society) - Webmaster: "Or Why We Keep Them on the Mountain All We Can"

"First Chronicles of Pigeon"

"God Love His Sweet Soul - The Monteagle Cemetery"

"The Empty Lot"

"What Value Do You Place on the Memories of Granny and Papa? - Respect for the Dead"

"Pewter Garner - The Way It Was"

"Annesta’s Attempt to Cleanse Summerfield"

Martin Van Buren Phipps Story, a Brixeyite

There’s Coal in “Them Thar Ridges”

"Hardbarger Road"

"White Mineral Springs & Hotel"

The Methodist Churches and Teressa Chapel in Tracy City, TN

"Burkett Chapel Graveyard and More"