Available Publications For Sale

Beersheba Springs, a History Vol. I   2010,  $15.00

Beersheba Springs, a History Vol. II Family Homes, Love and More, $15.00

Beersheba Springs, a History Vol. II Supplement 2012, $15.00

Beersheba Springs, a History Vol. III Classics, $15.00

Dad’s Railroad by Mary Priestley, $14.00

Episcopal Church Records compiled by Pat Makris, $25.00

Family History of Flury – Stoker compiled by Catherine Flury, $25.00

Grundy County by James L. Nicholson (Tennessee County History Series), $47.00

Grundy County Family Portraits by Jackie Partin, $5.00

Grundy County Cemeteries Vol. I, $40.00

Grundy County Cemeteries Vol. II, $40.00

The Heritage of Grundy County, 84.00*
*Special price until January 31, 2015 is $50.00

John Armfield of Beersheba Springs by Isabel Howell, $15.00

Morton B. Howell Memoir, $10.00

Mountain Voices & Index, The Centennial History of Monteagle Sunday School Assembly, $60.00

The Swiss Colony at Gruetli by Frances Helen Jackson, edited by Clopper Almon 2010, $15.00

Sewanee – Echoes of the Past by Pat Makris, $25.00

Sewanee – People, Places & Times by Pat Makris, $25.00

The Other Side of Sewanee by Pat Makris, $25.00

The Pathfinder (Quarterly Publication of Grundy County Hstorical Society), $5.00

Strange But True Tennessee, $4.00

Joshua Chamberlain and the American Civil War by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Pictures of Our Past Grundy County Tennessee, collected and edited By Grundy County Historical Society 2008 is out of print.   Persons interested in placing a reservation for a second printing of the edition should contact The Heritage Center.

Book orders costing $25 or less, include  $7 postage.  Book orders over $25,  include $10 postage.