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This site has been designed to present detailed information about the Charles Rubley family, yet do so in a manner that will be both easy to read and to navigate.  To achieve this, the site has been divided into a number of sections and subsections.  Navigation is by "Quick Links" located to the left.


  • For an easy to read review of the overall family see the "Narrative Summary".  It is recommended that a first time visitor began there.

  • So that a visitor may better envision how all the names and dates come together an "Outline of Descendants" report has been generated using Family Tree Maker.

  • For a detailed look at the family, refer to the "Genealogical Report" complete with Source Notes.

  • For a more in-depth study of two of the more elusive of Charles' children, a "Special Report on Elizabeth & Charles Jr." has been provided by Sandra Tate Hereford, the team's Lead Researcher.

  • To round out this site, a number of family photos have been collected, scanned, and posted in the "Family Photo" section.

  • "Resource & Source Material" section provides additional details for the serious genealogist.

  • In the course of investigating this family, some information was developed on two other distinct Rubley families in the US.  The section titled "Other Rubley Families" provides a brief overview of those families and their relationship to this family.


The "Rubley Team" would appreciated being informed of any additions or corrections.


Navigation within this site is best done by using the "Quick Links" along the left column.

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